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meet matt

A Little About Film

me at my wedding

photo by Brooke Allison

My passion for filmmaking started as a teenager when I became obsessed with behind the scenes features of movies. I loved seeing how stories were told, scenes were created and the equipment used to make it all come to life.


After working as an assistant filmmaker for other wedding studios, my inspiration led me to start my own business back in 2013.

My approach to filmmaking is always centered on personal stories. I love hearing how couples meet & what they love about each other or the inspiration that led someone to their own business or career. These stories are the heart of everything I capture and what I enjoy most about filmmaking.

I value collaboration and inclusivity. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I take immense pride in working with people from all walks of life. 

A Little About LIFE

When I'm not filming or editing, you can find me busying myself with quite a few hobbies that include:

-Tending to my vegetable garden. (Having a Hartley Botanical greenhouse is one of my dreams.)

-Traveling: Rome, Quebec City & Avignon have been some of my favorite stops.

-Reading: Glued to some great mystery & fantasy novels lately. I recently read Bruno, Chief of Police and it was so good!

-And my most out of left field hobby, Bowling! I have been bowling in a weekly league since I was 12 & competitively up through college!

Outside of hobbies, I'm a proud husband to my partner Geoff. We have been together for 11 years now. (Gosh does time fly!We love spending days going on hikes with our rescue pup Zoey, visiting great wine/cocktail bars, traveling & watching movies.

visiting Avignon, france
my rescue terrier
our wedding
traveling to rome
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