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my Philosophy

Weddings are all about the small moments.


Whether it's the the sweet smiles you share with each other during your first dance, the tears in your parents eyes as you take your vows or even the cookies you personally baked & wrapped for each one of your guests to take home. They are a testament to your relationship and the love you share.

These moments are invaluable to the experience of your wedding day and I take great care to capture them candidly and unobtrusively. 

Though, I do admit I love to get on the dance floor to capture all those great dance moves!

 So much time is spent planning a singular day and thus my hope for you is that you live in the moment. Soak up the smiles from your family members and guests. Joke with your friends till your stomach hurts from laughing too hard and dance with each other until you're delirious with joy. Take it from the best man at George & Maggie's wedding:


My goal is to authentically capture it all.


And yes that even goes for one of my couples Tiffany & Guiliano who had their ceremony on a farm with cows and mentioned avoiding filming said cows until one of the cows rudely interrupted Guiliano's vows. Sometimes you really can't plan for everything!

my philosophy
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